My Weapons!

Well what I consider my weapons in the kitchen. Before I met my husband I could barely boil water! Well really I could make a few dishes but nothing major. Now my husband- he can cook. He would throw all this stuff together (as I looked on in horror) and it would taste AMAZING! Once we got married I let my cooking ‘inhibitions’ down and began to really enjoy cooking. I love using fresh ingredients and fresh herbs. It makes such a huge difference! And surprisingly even after a 3 week vacation my potted herbs (that were left outside) are still going strong. It such a great feeling when a recipe calls for basil and I can just walk over and pick it from my window box =)

Anyways! here are some kitchen tools/gadgets that I’ve accumulated over the last year. While these aren’t a necessity, they definitely make things easier.




1. Microplane Zester. I use this all the time! I have one similar to this, and I love that it slips into a cover. I use this to zest lemons and limes mostly. I also grate fresh garlic with it. It’s amazing what fresh lemon, lime and garlic can do to recipes!




2. Grater. Another tool I use on a weekly basis. Great for grating garlic, which I always do because it’s so much faster than trying to chop. I also use this to grate fresh parmesan on pasta- YUM!




3. Trash Bowl. This was a bit of a splurge (any big bowl would do). But this bowl is super cute, and when you are peeling onions, potatoes, garlic, opening cans-Watever- having this bowl to drop everything in is super helpful.




4. Spatulas. These are my most recent purchase. I thought they were a little pricey but I really love them! they are great for scrambling eggs, flipping pancakes, and cooking fish. Very strong, yet really flexible. Plus they’re cute!



 5. Measuring spoons and cups. I’m sure most people own these. I use theses alllll the time! Whether I’m making my own spice mixture, or baking these are a must. I love these sets because they are magnetic. I stick the spoons on my magnetic knife rack. (although the picture looks off they do match)


6. Thermometer. I use this when frying. I’ve yet to attempt candy making so I’m not sure if this is completely accurate for that. Once I started using this I was shocked by how much oil temp fluctuates while frying.  Highly recommend.





7. Bench Scraper. Unfortunately I don’t have this exact one (I wish I did!) but I couldn’t find it in store and refused to order it online and paying shipping. So I settled for a dough scraper and cutter I found at Target. This is great to scoop up all the veggies you dice up. I love mine.




8. Masher.   This is a potato masher but I seldom use it for that reason. I usually mix up my potatoes with an electric mixer. I use this to mash meat. Wow that sounds gross. Whether it’s ground chicken, beef, sausage this works great to make it super crumbly. I use it every time I make tacos.




    9. Chef Stand. Yes I feel like a chef when using this! This was my Mother’s Day present. I’m always using my iPad to cook and this stand includes a stylus that feels just like a cooking utensil AND its washable! How cool!






While you don’t NEED all of this to make great meals, after time you might realize that some of these gadgets would help dinner preparation run a little smoother!


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