Week One….

Wow so our no spending month did not go off so well! I did a big grocery trip to prepare  for eating in for a month. Then we ran out of dog food. Then we ran out of milk that weekend for the baby… We just switched from formula so needless to say it was shocking at first how fast she goes through a carton of milk! Now I’ve armed myself with a gallon. My husband ran over a nail the day before the month started so we had to buy new tires. Then the internet kinda crashed on my computer. Awesome. So we had to purchase a new wireless router (which ours is about 5 years old anyways) But in the process of trying to figure out the problem we knocked our wireless printer off the network and we need the usb cord that I accidentally threw out thinking it was for the old printer… another $15 dollars! Not exactly how I anticipated the month starting. BUT we’re still going strong! despite all those set backs.

We made some awesome sweet and sour chicken with veggie fried rice. It was great! and we made enough to have dinner and lunch for both of us for two days. Can’t beat that.

I also made an eggplant lasagna, modified a little. A great recipe and dinner for two nights!

I hope the rest of the month runs a little smoother!


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